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The lives of an ex-con, a coffee-shop owner, and a young couple looking to make it rich intersect in the fictional and hypnotic Rain City. Wanda : Between the two of you there's almost a whole person. In. Play trailer Comedy Crime Drama. Director Alan Rudolph. Alan Rudolph. Top credits Director Alan Rudolph. Trailer Trouble in Mind: 25th Anniversary Release. Trouble In MInd.

Geneviève bujold nude

Clip Trouble in Mind. Photos Top cast Edit. Kris Kristofferson Hawk as Hawk. Keith Carradine Coop as Coop. Lori Singer Georgia as Georgia. Joe Morton Solo as Solo. Divine Hilly Blue as Hilly Blue. Dirk Blocker Rambo as Rambo. Albert Hall Leo as Leo. Caitlin Ferguson Spike as Spike. Allan F. Elizabeth Kaye Bunny as Bunny. More like this. Watch options. Storyline Edit. Gunther of the police department, are converging on "the shit they're wallowing in".

Former Rain City police officer John Hawkins - Hawk to his friends - has just been released from prison where he served eight years for murder, a crime to which he readily admits. He killed Fat Adolph, a mobster, in an effort to clean up the streets and protect the ones he loved. He has returned to Wanda's - Wanda who was his former lover - to restart his life.

Straightforward Wanda still loves Hawk, but is not in love geneviève bujold nude him, and as such offers him a place to stay with no strings. Penniless Georgia and her husband Coop have just arrived in Rain City with their infant son Spike in the run-down camper in which they live. They believed moving to the city - their first time ever in such - would solve all their problems. Geneviève bujold nude Coop has been unable to find work, so he ends up hooking up with another Wanda's regular, a criminal named Solo.

The power and money associated with this new criminal life changes Coop. His and Solo's problem is that their criminal activities are impinging on that of a more ruthless criminal named Hilly Blue, who will not sit idly by without getting what he considers his fair share of the activity.

In the meantime, Hawk starts to fall for Georgia, who is torn between the love she felt for the man she married as opposed to who Coop has become, and the support provided by Hawk, who wants to care for her and Spike. Hawk has to decide what to do to help Georgia while getting what he wants for his renewed life. Comedy Crime Drama Thriller. Did you know Edit.

Geneviève bujold nude

Moreover, Hilly Blue was patterned after Sydney Greenstreet. Quotes Wanda : Between the two of you there's almost a whole person.

Geneviève bujold nude

User reviews 22 Review. Top review. A hidden gem of a neo-noir. Like the name implies, there is a lot of rain and there is a pervasive sense of melancholy that hangs over it like a cloud. The people who live there all have their pasts, but what really drives them is the hope that they will make it and overcome their circumstances. That, I believe, is at the heart of what this movie represents. In many film noirs past, the general thematic tone was one of fate and destiny, and it being out of human control.

Geneviève bujold nude

Here, in a similarly constructed world, we have people trying to wrest control back into their own hands. Overall, I thought the movie was rather good. Kris Kristofferson gives a great performance as the ex-cop with a checkered past, and Genevieve Bujold, Lori Singer and Keith Carradine give equally decent performances as the coffee shop owner and the young couple, respectively.

Ample time is also spent with each character, so that you get to know and sympathize with them although, to a lesser, degree with Genevieve Bujold.

Geneviève bujold nude

The effect that the city has on a person is seen most explicitly with Coop, played by Keith Carradine, as his appearance changes considerably over the course of the film, and he gets deeper and deeper into the underworld. Also worth mentioning is Divine, who takes a supporting role as the top gangster in RainCity. This is probably his best performance, and he brings shades of flamboyance and menace to it. He is only in a few scenes, but his presence is felt over the entire film and he makes the most of his limited screen time.

The movie geneviève bujold nude has a fantastic jazz score and some great songs sung by Marianne Faithful. But despite how great the film is, there are a few drawbacks. The biggest one is a climactic shoot-out which comes out of nowhere and seemed poorly choreographed. There's also some spotty acting from people in minor roles. Overall, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I first heard about this, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Alan Rudolph managed to create a neo-noir which doesn't geneviève bujold nude in misery, and which maintained its own unique style. I'd recommend checking this one out, especially if you're into the noir genre. You probably won't be disappointed.

Details Edit. Release date March United States. United States. Vine International Pictures Ltd. English Korean Spanish Japanese Latin. Seattle, Washington, USA. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 51min. Related news. Jul 9 BroadwayWorld. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. Is Trouble in Mind known by a different name in Canada in English? If yes, what is it known as? Edit. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples.

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Geneviève bujold nude

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