Giant woman fetish

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If you've ever fantasized about Ginormica or the foot woman, you're not alone. Witness massive and half-naked women stomping cities into rubble, and tiny men who adore them. And yes, it's very NSFW. People have been dreaming about loving giant women or becoming giant women, for that matter forever. But the Internet has fostered a really vibrant, creative community of people who've created artwork and lore.

This fetish has a fancy name: macrophilia, according to this Salon article.

Giant woman fetish

There are actually two different types of macrophilia porn: There are women who've been hit with growth rays or growth viruses turning them into giants. And then there are men who've been hit with shrink rays or whatnot.

Giant woman fetish

If you want to get the total awesomeness of giantess fetish, you have to go with artworkwhich allows creators' imaginations to run wild. There are tons and tons of giant woman fetish boards and groups where people post their favorite art showing giant woman fetish women and the doll-like men who love them. A lot. And some of our favorite giantess art comes from Dream Taleswhich kindly allowed us to feature a few images from their comics:.

But adherents to this fetish also post tons and tons of homemade Photoshop collages, showing scantily dressed or naked women stomping across cities and trampling little men, including the one above, and these masterpieces:.

There's even a giantess and shrunken men Flickr pool, where people post their own creations. On the other hand, if you want actual professionally shot giantess porn, that exists as well. There are tons of pay porn sites that feature staged photos of women in their underwear, smashing model cities and stepping on toy soldiers.

There's even HebrewGiantess. Here are some of our favorite pay-site images:. But like many other niche fetishes, the love of giant women is wait for it big in Japan. Just check out this scene from a live-action video, featuring a man who's been shrunk to the size of a doll. The movie also includes scenes where the woman stimulates the helpless little man's tiny penis with a giant Q-tip.

And the man climbs inside her vagina. But here's a nice scene where she licks his face and then he climbs onto her breast:. And then there's some amazing manga and hentai art from Japan, showing — among other things, a giant woman having sex with a giant robot.

Fans have also collected these amazing Kookaifeaturing giant women and tiny men via the defunct GTSFeet site :. So obviously, giantess porn, to some extent, is a fantasy about female power — women who grow to the size of a mountain are stand-ins for powerful women everywhere.

Giant woman fetish

But at the same time, you have to love the playfulness and sheer weirdness of the huge females crushing cities with the sheer force of their voluptuousness. I have to say that I am ashamed that I have had this fetish since I was 12 years old. Imagine my surprise when I was looking at my browsing history after my brother was on my computer and I found out that he is apparently into the same thing. He doesn't know that I know.

I wonder: How much of your fetish preferences come from nature and how much come from nurture?

Giant woman fetish

The A. By Charlie Jane Anders.

Giant woman fetish

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Meet the woman who squashes men for sexual pleasure as a giantess