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Size 1. Our volumizing mascara formula glides smoothly onto lashes. Get soft lashes with no flaking or smudging. I'm always trying different mascaras and decided to buy this after Cover Girl went cruelty free. Honestly, I was shocked in a good way by the. My lashes are average length and light colored. With this mascara they looked much longer and fuller.

Girl exibitionist

It was a super dramatic difference and more impressive than other more expensive mascaras I've tried. Two caveats: You have to be careful when applying to avoid getting it on your eyelids. Also, I wouldn't recommend this for a natural, "no makeup" look, because in my experience it makes your lashes look way better than they could in real life!

This mascara is awesome! So I'm not generally a fan of covergirl mascaras because they don't give enough impact The wand is great, no clumping, and it thickens, lengthens, and adds lo girl exibitionist volume. My only complaint is that the blue one smells so foul! It's like I'm putting death on my eyelashes and it's a huge deterrent! Covergirl, please fix this, I don't understand how it made it to the market with the terrible smell!!

Other than that, I look forward to purchasing the black one because I love how it looks. This would be a 4 stars if it weren't for the smell and will be a 5 stars if it doesn't smudge! BUY IT. Just no. I thought this product would be great since I'm in love with the waterproof version. But it absolutely sucks. I just opened mine and the product is already dry and made my lashes look disgusting. I curled them and when I put on the product on it immediately made them straight ugh!

Don't recommend. It is truly waterproof, no need to worry about it running or girl exibitionist off. The problem is getting it off. I tried makeup remover, micellar water, coconut oil, and scrubbing with makeup removing soap.

Girl exibitionist

So grateful I had some or I know I would have had this mascara on forever. Don't apply unless you have Ponds to remove with! I am so glad I seen someone review this on YouTube a couple of years ago This is a really good dark almost carbon black and it lengthens and curls, volumizes my lashes so good.

They even seem like they are growing like crazy Formula is creamy and glides on with the famous hourglass shape wand.

Girl exibitionist

Does not flake and okay for contact lenses wearers. Very thin formula hardly coated my lashes. Waterproof is valid but brush sucks. Don't purchase. No effect at all. I use several of your products daily, and love those.

Girl exibitionist

However, I am very disappointed with this product. No clumping? Just pulling the wand from the tube left one huge clump on the wand and I had to pull the wand through a tissue to be able to think about being able to put it near my eye. It got no better I had to do this with every use. The actual product did not distribute throughout the wand evenly, applying too much mascara to the center and not on either side. And last, the curved wand made it difficult to pick up the sides. I would like to explain that I'm getting older and my makeup needs have changed so I am looking for products that can give me a fresh and natural look.

I do have nice lashes, and no longer use liner so I like the look of less makeup with "exhibitionist" lashes. This was not the right product to achieve that, but also. While I would not hesitate to recommend Outlast or your wonderful concealer, I girl exibitionist NOT recommend this product at all. I bought this hoping to find a cheaper and girl exibitionist convenient replacement to my go-to waterproof mascara.

What a waste. The first time I used it, I arrived at my destination about an hour later, just happened to look in girl exibitionist mirror and found it smudged all under my eyes. Thank goodness I was only going to my mom's house and not an interview or something.

Going back to my Clinique. That stuff is bulletproof. I brought this product and loved it but was not able to sharpen it. I feel there should have made it easy for a great product. It's a good waterproof mascara - I would recommend coating the lashes twice and letting them dry a little bit in between coats. This looks nice the first few days.

Then it gets real clumpy after a week. It is thick and flakes off easily. I don't want to buy a new one every week just for my mascara to work well. It does add volume, but is very clumpy. Every time I wear it I end up with black flakes all over my under-eyes.

My eyes look bigger. So glad I found this mascara! I have paid a lot of money for many name brand mascaras- I can say this- none of them work as well as this! I bought this a month ago and I've given it a fair chance but it's not for me. It is "gloopy" and has a weird shaped brush. I've been using this mascara for a little over a year now, and I absolutely adore it.

Girl exibitionist

It gives such great volume and color to my lashes. My friends have told me it looks like fake lashes. And it girl exibitionist clump your lashes together, so it gives that fuller effect. When I first opened the mascara the formula was a little too wet for my liking and it didn't really do anything for my lashes. Now that I've had it for a few months the formula has become more dry, buildable, and holds a curl better. Overall it's a pretty good mascara.

I bought this product as a recommended dupe for the Better than Sex Mascara. The wand is definitely shaped in a similar fashion which made for a smooth and even application of the formula. I had to do three coats and curl my lashes before hand to achieve the same effect as the mentioned brand. I loved the volume and thickness it gave my lashes, but after about four hours of wear, I noticed some slight flaking. It does remove easily with micellar water, and it did not clump on my lashes.

Girl exibitionist

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