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Aside from the catfishers and pic sellers it is an extremely glitchy app. Tons of fake profiles, scam artists, and cam girls. This is nothing but a money grubbing pitifully executed excuse for an app. Paid 9. I just paid for the VIP membership and it's not giving me the features. It's as if I never paid for it. Please fix this. When asking where they found me, different people stated up to several different apps and sites.

Have been trying to log in on it. I guess the other new chat app now wins the advertising money since morons unchecked now manipulate this app. I contacted the developer and have not heard back from them yet. You guys really could have a fun app, if you fixed the problems that lots of people probably already mentioned in other reviews. The issues are, even if you pay to kk usernames premium, it still only shows you, maybe half of the time the people that like you.

Also if the filtering could be more reliable too, like it really just showing you people from your state or the here option which uses your current location kk usernames you choose to share it with the app. I hope you update this app soon, could really bring you some money, if you spent the time to fix some of the issues. I had been using the app for a year. It was fantastic. I made a few great friends on it. I never broke any of the terms of service rules. I used my own pictures. I was never mean to anyone.

But, for some reason, I am fully banned from using the app. Absolutely terrible service. And as a homosexual on this app, I always got tons of hate filling my inboxes.

Kk usernames

I never even used the in app messenger, my photos were all of just my face, and my bio was actually empty. I go to log in today just to collect my daily coins and it bans my device Even without the random device ban, this app is horribly put together and still deserves 1 star. Failure to moderate. Why would I get charged if I canceled it barley on the 2nd day. I had the app for months before I was very suddenly banned. Aside from the occasional glitch and the app crashing every now and then, I actually made friends on there and was enjoying the app.

I was never suspended or banned prior to that. I opened the app one day and it immediately logged me out and notified me that I was permanently banned. I ed the support team only to be told that I MUST have violated the community guidelines, and kk usernames will not reopen my. Find another app to make friends with, or good luck making any kk usernames with the support team. I have s on other social media apps. Some of those s are ten years old or older. Kik banned my saying I violated the terms of service. I can prove I am who I say I am.

And I treat others the way I wish to be treated. They could at the very least tell me what I did. The app is nice to find people to message with on Kik. The app does have some bugs such as only showing whose liked and visited your profile half the time, slow loading time for match feature and limited filter settings. Would be nice to also have a few more tags at a time for a wider variety of result when looking for people to talk to. Not worth the money or hassle, probs some scammers giving it a good rating.

Kk usernames

First of all, the in app purchases are not worth the price. Very sketchy. Very sickening! Proceed with caution in this app. Do not send naked images to women on KIK. There are downloadable hacks to make photos appear live.

Kk usernames

Request a specific photo. If your match can't produce that, block and report. I will be deleting this app. Out of 20 matches 19 have been fake. Always followed the rules more than other people on the app may i say yet I got banned from using the app for absolutely no reason. I click on here and all the match are from places out of the country or other states than Kansas. This app is decent in concept but I kk usernames that you have to pay to be seen or to see who saw you.

I paid for a VIP membership trial, and before the trial was over it erased my and blocked be from logging back in. There is no way to contact, all the contact support and social media s lead to a download link for this app. Horrible app would give 0 stars. The app never works properly. It says I have kk usernames likes total on my profile but shows me only 7 profiles have liked me. I was trying to register, after paying for my subscription, you banned my immediately.

Nothing but fakes Save your time and avoid this app like the plague. If I could give this app less than one star I would. Get notifications that I have likes. Then when I press on itit says no likes. So annoying.

About to delete this app. Waste of time. Everything about this app spells trouble! Okie dokie then. This app has a lot of fake profiles!!!! One person I started messaging told me write away she wanted to be exclusive with me and that we should delete our profiles. She supposedly live in he South and I live on the west coast.

Be carefully with all the fake profiles!!!! Every time it tells me I have a like or whatever. It doesn't show so i delete the app and then reinstall it and it does the same thing. Fix it please. I ed a photo where in shirtless, above my belly button even, and it was rejected for being overtly sexual?

Loved this app until it kicked me out for absolutely no reason and will not let me back on. They offer free coins for every day u and once u reach the 5 day of kk usernames in every day u get banned. I thought it was a tech issue but not the case. Happened to two friends as well. Save urself the trouble. Administration need to monitor these underage folks. Quick summary; the app is a hotbed of porn. And if they want social media.

Kk usernames

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