Men who love cum

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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. Guys, I'm trying to understand what is such a turn on for you cum in a woman's mouth I'm seeing this guy and we don't see each other often, but we talk and text and he's so excited that the next time we see each other I'll let men who love cum do this. Edited on August 26, at UTC by a moderator.

Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Alex Send a private message. Sex Tips. DoctorDoom Send a private message. Why is it a turn on? Because its raw and naughty and only kinky lil vixens do it And of course it feels better Kingslayer Send a private message. It's two-fold, really. For one, it feels much better when we cum in your mouth, often better than regular sex.

Second, it's a dominant thing. It lets me know that in that moment you are submitting to me and are swallowing my seed not me but you get it. This reply was removed by a moderator. Yes, I actually do think there are women that enjoy having their men cum in their mouths. Same reason I enjoy my wife getting all juicy when I please her with my tongue.

It makes me hot knowing I am making her cum with my mouth. I'm just kinky like that I suppose. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Julio M. Send a private message. Men like these kind of women. Women that treat cum like it was battery acid or something are usually not as desired.

Men who love cum

Anal sex is not degrading either; its plenty pleasurable. If you don't like it, you don't like it. But you certainly don't speak for all women. I would never date a chick that didn't swallow. But, a woman has all of those things, too. It doesn't make a man any grosser. You sound somewhat immature on this. Edited on December 17, at UTC by the author. For me it's a turn on because I'm giving him great pleasure. Anonymous : totally totally agree. Its an amazingly enjoyable experience for me, having a physical manifestation of the pleasure I've given him. Its one of the highlights of our intimate times, for both myself and my spouse, who would have trouble listing all the things that keep him enchanted by me, none of them the act of swallowing semen.

If you're performing oral sex on your mate the goal is to being them to orgasm. This can include him cumming in your mouth. Not a horrible ugly thinf to me. Nor do I find anal sex degrading. Everybody is different.

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Men who love cum

Is it possible that people like and dislike different stuff for different reason? I personally love the taste of both my cum and my woman's. She squirts all over my face, in mouth, chest, dick, everywhere. And I hungrily lick it, eat up. And her stroking my dick off int her mouth, all over her face, she swirls my cum in her mouth, strokes it and makes an even bigger mess on herself than there already was.

We please each other. She's not afraid of losing me, that's not the reason she likes it. She likes it because she likes it. As for; "What do you really think of those women? Your question sounds like it is YOU who thinks of them in a degrading way.

Men who love cum

You don't respect them, you are judging them for liking what they like, for expressing their sexuality the way they want to for their own reason. One of the reasons can of course be that they do it to please their man. An other reason could be because they like to do it. And the combination of them. And many more. So Julio, who's degrading whom? And how do YOU think of "those women"? Actually, I don't want to know; I don't like negative, degrading words being said about women, as I love them. Just because you are the same sex?

Men who love cum

My GF wants you to stop talking in the name of women. She says if she was single she'd try Gloryhole sucking off guys. And most love it and do it for the same reason women do it for them. It's a part of sex. Man is a complex animal and we are different than animals in many respect.

Sexuality is just one. Get out in the world, open your mind and let it roam freely, don't keep it in the dark jail of you. Take a man's dick down your throat and let him cum there. And then try to see if you can get enjoyment out of feeling, seeing an other human in pleasure. And know that YOU did that!

Men who love cum

You are going to feel pleasure just out of that. Or not. But I promise you, thinking in such unattractive way about men is very unattractive, and people women too notice this in you. I think though, that you are not a fun person, and you don't allow yourself enjoying pleasure.

You are probably very lonely, and I encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to be open to see people a different way. Edited on July 25, at UTC by the author. Plus, I'm super duper sure that men, on average, don't think lowly of women who do it. Maybe you saw some porn material where men are shown who celebrate their dominance over the female gender, that's, as sad as it is, actually often found in "professional" porn in amateur material you can really see what's going on and there's very little degradation and lots of admiration for sensual women.

Idk what drives the directors of bs that I alluded to, but that's not my thing, and, trust me, not a thing for most men. If you give a man that pleasure, he's certainly not at all thinking of you as a tool or a vent for his hate for women, or whatever - instead he's very very likely falling more and more in love with you, and even longer-lasting, he's going to love you more and more which is a big difference: being in love is mostly an emotional rush that, according to some studies, vanes after about men who love cum.

It's also been shown in numerous studies that sexuality is very important for bonding which is btw why Platonic relationships essentially never work out. So does that answer your question?

Men who love cum

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