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Omo kink

Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Like, a omo kink in a band preforming onstage live. But they have to pee. Just a fun video. Last one was taken down so let's try again if it is taken down again oh well lol. She has you on the bed, hands tied behind you and her legs hooked around yours to keep them spread apart.

Although your pants are off, your underwear is still on. The thin fabric provides absolutely no meaningful barrier between your most sensitive point and the powerful vibrator Natasha is holding fast against you. Please let me go! Are you a big kid? Mommy's having such fun," she presses down on your tummy hard on the last word and you let out a scream as you feel a few drops start to leak out.

Omo kink

I'm- I'm starting to pee! I can't! She, of course, doesn't stop, and you're dangerously close to coming. You come undone with a sob, your attempts to hold everything in fruitless as your muscles contract and relax on their own. You cry openly as you wet yourself, Natasha, and the bed even after you finish coming, unable to stop.

I know that. And you clearly can't be trusted to remember to use the big kid potty If you can't be a big kid and hold it, which you clearly can't," she cups your crotch and rubs your wet underwear against your already oversensitive area, causing you to cry out. Steph had been so exhausted lately. She had been working so hard to get her life and job under control. She had even started having accidents again in bed. After the 5th night in row of waking up wet sheets, steph had had enough and decided it was omo kink for protection.

Omo kink

She had bought the diapers online and got them shipped to house. Though unfortunately for her the box they came in had in big words on the side "night time diapers for little girls still trying".

Omo kink

And after a minute of calming down she finally opened it and got out her first diaper. They were bigger than she had imagined. And softer too. Like a fluffy cloud. Steph thought that it wouldn't hurt to wear one now. To see if it was comfy enough to sleep in. She layed on her back taking off her bottoms and putting the diaper underneath her.

Omo kink

She had babysat before so diapers weren't new but putting one on herself was more difficult than she expected. After a minute she had finally tapped it on snuggly and it felt amazing to her. It was so soft and fluffy and as she sat in it she just wanted to curl up for a nap. But as she did she got a text from a friend to go out shopping. Not even thinking about steph got on her thigh high stockings and a skirt and rushed out to her car with a very noticeable crinkle that will now become common place whenever steph is around.

Character A pees in the pool and character B totally knows which makes character A super embarrassed Dead dove do not eat!! Jotaro or Melone makes you read or watch infantilization porn, regardless of weather you like it or not. And finally, he presents you a long fetish erotica. Starring: Diapers, and CBT- a rare combination that makes you skin crawl!

The story only let the captive cum from a ruined orgasm and a severe whipping on his balls being his only stimulation, taking three paragraphs to describe the blistering skin from spanks and light chemical torture. Poor baby, was the book too scary for you? But that said, he does scoop you up in his arms, rubbing your back and shushing you though your scared little jolts and whimpery sobs. He agrees, kobito: it is an intense porn.

My first night there, he sleepwalks in while i'm in deep sleep, opens omo kink mouth and puts the tip of his dick on my toungue, peeing on it and letting it trickle down my throat. The next night, he puts his whole dick down my throat, it wakes omo kink up but i'm frozen in shock as he delivers his warm stream directly down my throat. The third night is the same, he uses my throat as a urinal and there's nothing i can do about it, you cant wake up a sleepwalker. The fourth night is where things changed. He sleepwalks in, spre my legs and puts his dick on my pussy, peeing all over it.

The fifth night he puts the tip of his dick inside my cunt to pee directly into it. The sixth night, he forces his dick fully into my cunt, peeing directly against my cervix. It feels like he pees for a minute straight, it's so warm and there is so much The seventh night, before going to bed, i see him drink two whole bottles of water.

When he comes into my room that night, he shoves his dick in my ass and pees for what seems like an eternity. Every night i am used like a urinal, all my holes filled with his pee. And every evening before bed, I see him drink more and more water. I feel that peeing in the bath is better than peeing in the shower. Butttttttt, every time I go to a public pool and I have to take a mandatory shower, I definitely pee in the shower bc know one will ever find out.

Omo Prompt: A and B are on the way back from a cycling trip. A really has to pee due omo kink drinking way too much water and a bottle of juice, and the ice cream they had at the shop, and the With the last bit of stamina left they pedal up the road on their own, mentally preparing to rush inside and finally use the bathroom Omorashi Fictomo Omo Prompt this lowkey happened to me very lowkey but it's fun to overdramatize for the kink appeal lol pick your own ending lol. Character A is trying to impress character B by doing some crazy stunt but they fail and end up wetting themselves.

Character A and character B go to a scary movie together omo kink the jump scares make character B pee their pants.

Omo kink

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