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Toggle. Raw —. Nuriko Everyone's favorite anime nerd Member Seen 3 yrs ago. Greetings Nuriko here to make a partner search thread. Details About me: I'm 30 years old and have been Roleplaying for 5 years. Rules 1: 1x1 Roleplay will be done in PM,this is for my own preferenc as it is easier for me to keep track of them in this way. Don't be afraid to tell me how your day was and have a normal conversation with me. I have a life that often gets in the way of Roleplay so I cannot guarantee Rapid Fire posts but I do however promise at minimum 1 post every day. Upon learning of this Rukia's Captain Ukitake is furious at Byakuya's cowardess and knowing there is nothing he can do to stop it offers himself as a suitor,in his mind Rukia marrying someone she knows and trusts will be a better option than marrying a complete stranger.

What starts off as a noble act a Captain roleplay partner search to protect his Liutenant from an uncomfortable situation gradually develops into a romance. Years Later a new Generation of Shinigami is born,this is the Story of their Time at the Soul Academy through Squad recruitment and their adventures as full fledged Shinigami. Roleplay partner search Problem. Powerful Arrancar? Been there,Done that. A Quincy King with a God Complex? Sure,Bring it on. Yoruichi is pregnant with twins,this is a cute Romance between Kisuke and Yoruichi and how they deal with her pregnancy and the trials of being parents complete with cat transformations,reluctant Babysitters Ichigo and gang and Kisuke being Kisuke.

That's the premise of this Roleplay. Sasuke was pardoned for his crimes after the 4th Shinobi War however Konoha's citizens were uncomfortable with loyal followers of Orochimaru living within the village so his companions Karin,Juugo and Suigetsu were not pardoned despite Sasuke's pleas. Sasuke had fallen in love with the beautiful Karin and continued to visit her over the years.

When it is discovered Karin is pregnant Sasuke and her make a painful decision : the baby should be raised in Konoha,the life of a Rogue Ninja is no life for. Sasuke gets help from his own teammate Sakura and together the 3 devise a plan,Sasuke will marry Sakura after she announces she's pregnant. She will "have complications" with the pregnancy that require special Jutsu known only by Orochimaru and will stay in the compound with Orochimaru and the others then once Karin has the baby Sasuke and Sakura will return to Konoha with the baby and raise her together.

Roleplay partner search

This follows the basic plot of Boruto with that one difference. Just remember thou these are kids try not to be too OP. But in order for this to Roleplay partner search he must find a way for a Human to reproduce with a Homunculus,not wanting to hurt Sloth since he loves her he gives Lust an ultimatum,be his Guinea pig in his experiments to discover a way for humans and Homunculus to reproduce or be destroyed.

Lust is given no choice but to agree to the Mad man's terms. Starts off dark featuring Dubious Consent gradually growing into a romance. Hidden 3 yrs ago Post by Gayspacerock. Gayspacerock Member Seen 2 yrs ago. I'm on the search for a roleplay partner with similar desires and preferences as myself, and i have to say that i'm quite shocked no one has replied to this yet, as you seem to be a more than capable roleplayer with whom i share similar beliefs and interests with.

If you still check this post and are interested, my DMs are open as well as my discord starsteemer Gisk Member Seen 2 mos ago. I roleplay partner search am a big fantasy fan, medieval or otherwise. I love worldbuilding, but can definitely play fandom as well. I have noticed that Nuriko is listed as last seen 13 days ago, so that might be a little worrisome.

Starsteemer Member Seen 3 yrs ago. I noticed we matched on quite a few of your interests and rules, and i'd be interested in becoming your roleplay partner! I actually am GaySpaceRock but had to switch s so i thought i might reply as my changed too. Unlike Gisk however, i'm not the biggest fan of groups.

I get stressed when waiting a long time for just [i]one[i] person to reply, waiting for two is not my strong point. I've tried group before, and it always dies cause one person gets hung up That's not to say i'm any sort of speed poster, i just don't like group pacing I use permanent OCs, meaning i don't really make new ones to fit a plot, but that's why i have an OC for almost every setting. Hidden 3 yrs ago Post by Gisk.

Permanent OCs are cool, means you know the character well.

Roleplay partner search

Hidden 3 yrs ago Post by Starsteemer. Gisk I'd be down for 1x1 even if nuriko doesn't show up do you roleplay here most frequently or have a different contact like discord? I do have discord, but usually I rp here. Hidden 3 yrs ago Post by Nuriko. I apologize you two roleplay partner search got a bit of a health scare. I'm here. Let me know what ylu are looking for if interested still. Hidden 3 yrs ago Post by alexakeehl. I came to see Black Butler is on your list and I suddenly had memories of the days when I was consumed into the fandom. Therefore, I'm willing to bring out those memories and ask if you'd be up for a RP!

Of course, you are always welcome to refuse, it's understandable. Any further information? Hit me up in the PMs. Nuriko Would you be interested in a small group rp players?

Roleplay partner search

Something fantasy, probably original world, with a lot of collaboration in the story and worldbuilding. Hidden 3 yrs ago Post by Noxxis. What other Fandoms do you do besides anime? I was gonna ask about a Fairy Tail Rp lol but that's not on there. As long as the group doesn't get too large yes. I'd love to yes,black butler is one of my favorite series. View All 1x Like alexakeehl.

Roleplay partner search

email: [email protected] - phone:(436) 690-2886 x 9555

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