Spanking kink

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Q I'm a man who recently started seeing a wonderful woman. Like me, she's divorced.

Spanking kink

While my ex-wife left me for another man, my girlfriend's ex-husband was controlling and abusive. Our relationship is the opposite—emotionally, psychologically, and sexually. Here's the thing: his abusive behavior is my kink—spanking. In all my past relationships, spanking was light, playful, and consensual; with her ex, it was about pain and humiliation to the point of tears and bruising.

She knows about my kink as a Savage Love reader, I knew to bring it up after a couple of weeks and understands that my motivations around spanking are completely different from her ex's, but she has zero interest in anything approaching fetish play—and that's fine, because I feel so connected to her that I don't need my kink indulged to feel fulfilled.

But I find myself feeling guilty for having the kink in the first place. The thought of her enduring what she did brings me to tears. How do I get past this? A If your girlfriend's ex-husband had manipulated or bullied her into vaginal intercourse—if he had repeatedly and brutally raped her vaginally during their terrible, awful, no good, very bad marriage—would you feel guilty about an interest spanking kink consensual, vanilla, missionary, penis-in-vagina intercourse?

Spanking kink

You would hopefully have reacted in a similarly compassionate manner, LACA, after learning about her sexual history. You would have been willing to stick to oral, mutual masturbation, and whatever else your new girlfriend was comfortable exploring and capable of enjoying. And you would have looked forward to the day when she felt ready to enjoy sensuous, consensual, and mutually pleasurable vaginal intercourse again. And if that day never arrived, well, then perhaps you would have been willing to forgo vaginal intercourse for the rest of your life to be with her. But you wouldn't be sitting there feeling like some sort of monster for being aroused by—and for having enjoyed—consensual, vanilla, missionary, penis-in-vagina intercourse with other women.

Your willingness to drop your harmless kink is evidence that your priorities are in order, LACA, your heart is in the right place, your cowboy hat is white, etc. Any time you start feeling bad about your kink, just remind yourself that consensual kink isn't abuse for the same reason consensual vaginal intercourse isn't rape: because it's consensual.

You can love this woman, LACA, and make this relatively small sacrifice for her spanking ain't vaginalwithout having to shame yourself or retroactively define all your past spanking experiences as abusive. Q My boyfriend of five years had a one-night stand with a much younger woman. In some ways, it's a good thing—we're having conversations we should have had a long time ago, he's seeing a therapist to deal with his issues his idea, not mineand somehow I know more than ever that I want to be with him I've always been the one in every relationship with one foot out the door.

Two questions:. He assures me he's attracted to me, but how can I believe that now? I hate to paint this as "bitchez be crazy," but spanking kink bitchez be crazy. It's not how I found out, but it certainly hasn't helped. Ironically, our sex life has only gotten better since I found out exactly what they did—it turns out that spanking kink are both far more GGG than the other ever knew.

But sometimes we're in bed, and I'll flash on something she wrote and the vivid mental images her letter cooked up in my head, and it sears me. Dealing with that pain outside of the bedroom has been hard enough. It's devastating that it's now with me spanking kink the bedroom as well. How can I spanking kink with this? A 1 LTRs are only possible if we're willing take "yes" for an answer. He says yes, he loves you, and you will yourself to believe him; he says yes, he's having sex with you because he's attracted to you, and you will yourself to believe him; he says he strayed and is sorry and swears he won't do it again.

And while the passage of time makes monsters of us all, SIP, it can strengthen a sexual connection even as sex itself becomes less important when weighed against everything else your LTR is or should be about.

In the words of singer-songwriter Tim Minchin: "Love is made more powerful by the ongoing drama of shared experience and synergy. And symbiotic empathy or something like that. I would've done that with you! And I have kinks and fantasies too, you know! Contrite cheating partner: "I was afraid to ask you to do that! I was afraid you would hate me—wait, you have kinks and fantasies?

What are they? Conversations like that one are why affairs—if the relationship survives the betrayal—sometimes kick-start a couple's sex life. With all the kink-and-whatever-else cards on the table, the couple starts going at it like they have nothing to lose—because in that moment when breaking up is on the table, they actually don't have anything to lose.

As for those troubling mental images: the passage of time is your body's enemy on the physical-perfection front—and his, too—but it's your best friend on the searing-mental-images front, SIP. The more time you two spend doing, enjoying, and perfecting x, y, and z sex acts, the more x, y, and z becomes about you two and your connection. As you take ownership over x, y, and z, and over each other again, the mental images will come to you less often, they'll be less vivid, and gradually they'll cease.

Give it time. Do you have any similar suggestions for women into BDSM? Hey everybody: we're seeking sordid and tragic stories of holiday sex for an upcoming episode of the Savage Lovecast.

Spanking kink

Ever been caught having sex at mom and dad's over the holidays? Ever put a "For Grandma, from Santa! Did your older brothers stick your vibrator in the tree before a Christmas party, and you had to leave it there because reaching into the tree to remove it would only attract attention to it?

Call and record your story at ! Please keep it under three minutes, if at all possible! More Savage Love ». Every dollar you give helps us continue to explore and report on the diverse happenings of our city. Are you in? Not ready to commit? Send us what you can! The Chicago Reader. Should I feel guilty about my spanking kink?

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Spanking kink

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Spanking kink Spanking kink

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