Unrated snapchat

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Kevin Douglass is a second-year philosophy student at the University of Texas at Austin. He goes to class, studies for finals, and unrated snapchat his phone between lectures. But he is one of the first admins of such an to go public and identify unrated snapchat. But it went away after a few week. In its absence, Douglass felt he could create something like it, only better. So I figured I could run it better, I could run it nicer. In any given story, followers can tap through things like a picture of a cat cuddling with a dildo, a brief amatuer porn video, or a picture of topless woman dancing a bar.

Curious as to who has been running the UT Unrated snapchat ? This dude says it's him. Some have better odds than others at getting a precious slot on UTUnrated. He just knows his audience skews male, and posting too many images of naked men in occasional backlash from his followers on Twitter and YikYak. Douglass hand-selects his submissions, wading through the barrage of penis shots to select compelling re: boob-friendly content. He curates his stories using a third-party app called Snap-Hack that allows him to download, save and Snaps from other users to his story.

The fourth and current iteration of the is UTUnrated5. UTUnrated3, thewas shut down when his follower count jumped from about 10, — which he said is the natural peak — to 40, in about 10 hours, after a post went up on Total Frat Move. But not very many nude selfies or bong-hit videos come with context clues. To warn users against sending in posts that unrated snapchat get them not to mention Douglass in trouble, UTUnrated comes with three guidelines:. All sexual activity filmed should be between consenting adults over the age of Explicit images or videos involving minors is not tolerated and will be reported.

Just made it on UTunrated. Life goals. Once, a guy contacted Douglass to ask that a snap featuring his girlfriend be removed after she got mad at him for sending it in. But more often than not, pictures and videos of students doing illegal drugs often include their faces. To stay ahead of the next, inevitable ban, Douglass has already registered UTUnrated6, 7, 8 and 9.

But even if he were to walk away from the tomorrow and let this most recent Snapchat story expire, Douglass says he thinks a new would take its place. This article contains sexually explicit content. Sorry, this embed was not found. Share this article.

Unrated snapchat

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