Why do guys like choking

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When was the first time you had sex that involved some kind of violence, or aggression? It seems like something totally different. The former thing totally happened in my 20s and 30s, but only occasionally. And sometimes it would be initiated by me, to like, be hit.

I was in some long-term relationships, and with one there was definitely some form of aggressive behavior, a little bit of choking, a little bit of hitting, probably mutually introduced. When I got into my 40s, I was dating more people in their 30s and late 20s, and there seemed to be a preponderance of people who liked being choked, which surprised me at first. Can you describe the first time someone introduced that in a casual context?

Yeah, somebody basically placing my hand on their throat. Hitting is not something that comes up very much, but definitely choking. And how did you react when this first happened? What does that mean? Well, OK, this could be fun, but I think we should be cautions about why do guys like choking. Safety now. It had always been clear there was some sort of sexual chemistry. Like dripping wax and light bondage.

Do you remember the first time someone initiated some sort of roughness? Yeah, I do. Very well. Very, very well. I was about 21, or And I was visiting my girlfriend at the time, who I was head over heels in love with, and also extremely attracted to.

What were you afraid of? I was just too taken aback, I suppose. Had you ever had desires for that? Oh yeah, pretty much constantly. Did you feel bad about them? It was me masturbating. So not really.

Why do guys like choking

Some of them involve me being some kind of aristocrat. I did that throughout my teenage years. And you were writing these in a vacuum, pretty much? Pretty much. At the same time, were you were developing a concept of like, gender relations?

I had female friends. I think I was verbally a feminist. How did rough stuff come up in a casual-sex context? I would ask people if they liked that, and almost every time they would say yes. That was just my experience. And other women say, Can you be gentle please? Yeah, I think so actually. Behavior that reflects both sides getting off on a kind of semi-hostile interaction. Like a sort of lack of understanding, lack of commonality.

Why do guys like choking

A generalized hostility toward one another. What appeals to you about it? I would say it runs pretty deep. I feel like there are lots of different kinds of sexuality, but my experience of men, growing up, anyway, the baseline desire is to have power in a sexual scenario. I guess. Do you ever feel any guilt? Why would I feel guilty about doing something someone wants to do? When was the first time you remember having sex with some roughness, or aggression involved? I had a relationship in high school where we explored a lot.

Do you remember how you felt the first time, being in that role? Have you ever identified with that culture? I think the formalized culture makes it feel less alarming, but probably the way I think about it is more in context of a biological thing, about aggression being part of our endowment as humans. Do you remember the first it came up outside of a close relationship, in more of a casual context?

Why do guys like choking can remember an early example pretty clearly. When I was younger, I was more prone to, like, not being able to control my orgasm. Yeah, exactly. And so sometimes, more heightened modes of engagement, like that had additional sensorial components, would kind of simultaneously enhance the feeling of eroticism but take away from some of the sensations that threaten to be overwhelming.

Maybe something to do with control. And when we woke up in the morning she had really insane bruising. And she was fine with that. But it just happened, to answer your question. So she was fine with it, but you were less fine with it. It made me really, really want to check in and make sure it was OK.

But then I masturbated about it for months. Was it something you wanted to bring up with other women after that? And how would you say it usually comes up? I would say it usually comes up in the context of, like, having sex. Somebody does something, or somebody makes a demand. They make the demand, or you do? And then they like, encourage or discourage that. Or something. Do you think a lot about establishing consent? Yeah, for sure.

Why do guys like choking

As you know. So consent is super important. Have a better, like, intuitive capacity to understand what is happening. What do you mean by that? And I was fine with that. Have there ever been instances where something happened and you worried afterward?

A couple of things come to mind. One was in a relationship, and her and I were kind of going through a bad time, and we had sex and, you know, I did something kind of mean in sex that was part of our repertoire, but then in the context of that moment in our relationship was super hurtful, and I kind of knew about it. The other time was similar. What is the relationship between you, the guy, and you, the sex guy? I think of myself as pretty empathetic and caring. So, to me it feels less about personality and more about nature.

But it feels like appetite, more than personality. But maybe actually, it does, but in less pronounced, direct, pure ways. Do you think about this stuff in political terms, like in terms of gender equality? Of course. Oh my God, yeah. In what way? But I suppose they both sort of point to the same drive. I think I stopped flirting. I suddenly felt way less comfortable with my sexuality, as part of my thing that I was throwing around in the world. Partly because my understanding of it, in a way, is as an expression of power. Most Popular 1.

Why do guys like choking

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Why do guys like choking

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